State of Sales Enablement 2017

May 2017 | Mountain View, CA

May 4, 2017 | Mountain View, CA: Only a little over half the number of organizations with a sales enablement function had a sales playbook as part of their sales enablement process according to a survey done recently by Regalix. Titled, ‘State of Sales Enablement 2017’, the survey covered senior managers in charge of the sales enablement function in mid to large organizations.

Interestingly, 74 percent of respondents also felt that a sales playbook based on the different sales stages would be more effective than ageneric playbook.
According to the survey, the intranet (picked by 45% of businesses) is the most popular storage point for sales collateral, followed by Enterprise Cloud Storage (24%) and Third Party Apps (18%).

While engagement metrics (47%) were being used above all others by marketers for determining the success of their sales collateral,providing quality content in a timely manner was the most sought-after goal in sales enablement with 76% of respondents choosing this option. Although integrating sales content with CRM (24%) was given the least preference, this could very well change as the sales enablement function evolves from its early stage.

In the research, Inability to measure success (55%) came out as one of the major roadblocks to adopting sales enablement. This is a problem that product companies can hopefully address given that most of the popular sales enablement tools come built-in with real-time analytics that could help in measuring their effectiveness.

So what’s critical to a sales organization? 73% of marketers felt accessing content rapidly was very critical to a sales organization. In comparison, only 48% thought customizing sales pitches was very critical. While the importance of accessing content rapidly cannot be disputed, sales content needs to become more audience-specific as the sales process becomes more complex and competitive, and the role played by sales enablement tools in content personalization will most likely become more significant.

Off the shelf/Third party software (45%) formed the largest segment of sales enablement solutions used by organizations. However, a significant number of them (21%) said they used none. Given the complexity of the task, perhaps some degree of external expertise might be required to get the process right.

So how satisfied are marketers with their current sales enablement solutions? Well, only 17% said they were very satisfied, while a good 29% chose to admit that they were not satisfied. That’s a task clearly cut out for product teams to address to ensure wider adoption of their products.

Given the growing importance of the sales enablement function, one would assume that organizations would be readily investing in it in the coming months. Surprisingly, 56% of respondents said they didn’t see that happening. With buyers having access to a wealth of information to base their purchases on, and a great many options to choose from, sellers need to equip themselves with solutions that help them deal with the new B2B sales reality. Sales enablement is one such solution.

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