State of Product Marketing 2017: Key Findings

September 2017 | Mountain View, CA

September 20, 2017 | Mountain View, CA:  Producing quality content continued to be a key challenge faced by B2B product marketers, according to a recent study done by Regalix, titled ‘State of Product Marketing 2017’. 56% of respondents in the survey cited time constraints in producing quality content as the key product marketing challenge they faced.
The survey was done amongst senior managers of product companies globally.

The study went on to observe that while digital marketing has been integrated to a large extent into the product marketing function in most organizations, many respondents admitted to the lack of a clear digital strategy to drive it. As many as 43% of marketers said they were doing digital marketing, but there is no defined strategy.

Sales-related metrics were the dominant drivers for product marketers. 61% of respondents chose revenue and number of leads generated as the leading metrics that their organizations used for measuring the impact of their product marketing efforts. The study also noted how relationship metrics have fared poorly in comparison. Customer engagement, for instance, received only 35% rating.

When it came to evaluating digital channels, respondents rated the website (79%) as their most effective digital channel while email (45%) and social media (41%) proved less popular.

So in what did marketers invest their time most? It turned out to be sales enablement (71%), followed by understanding buyer needs or pain points (68%). The study went on to relate how customer journey mapping (14%) and building buyer personas (20%) came down low in the priority list, though they were integral to the success of a sales enablement program.
In concluding the study, the researchers observed that while a majority of organizations were investing in product marketing, understanding the customer at a granular level will become unavoidable as messaging gets more personalized, and organizations need to put a process in place and adopt newer technologies to be able to do this.

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